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Netline Access Floor Systems
A Solution in line with the evolution of Space and Technology

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Data Centre Products

Data Centres Solution
Netline Access Floor Products offer the flexibility and cost-effective solution to meet the demands of today's Data Centre. Enhance the cooling capabilities and control of your Data Centre with Netline full range of airflow management products.

Netline Steel Cementitious Infilled HPL Panel
Netline Air Boost Fan System
Netline Access Floor


steel cementitious
access floors

TÜV SÜD PSB Certified Raised Access Floor Systems.

Green Label Certified by the Singapore Environmental Council.

Manufactured and tested with full compliance with
PSA MOB PF2 PS/SPU March 1992, BS EN 12825:2001 and CISCA Standards.

Netline Access Floor System
Factory laminated Anti-static hpl Finish

- Anti-Static High Pressure Laminate (HPL)
- Conductive Vinyl
- Granite / Marble
- Ceramic
- Linoleum

Netline Access Floor for Data Centres Specifications

Netline Access Floor Panels manufactured with commercial quality, SPCC grade cold rolled steel plate for top surface and resistance welded to ST14 grade formed bottom pan. These panels manufactured to precise tolerances, epoxy powder coated for corrosion resistance and infilled with non-combustible lightweight cement for ultimate strength and acoustic performance.

AirFlow management


Netline standard and high-density airflow panels cater to all Data Centre cooling needs. A full range of airflow panels suitable for both new and retrofit applications that help Data Centre cooling optimisation.

Airflow Management

Perforated Panels

Cost effective and ideal for use in Data Centres, Comms Rooms and Server Rooms.
range of Perforated Panels is compatibly designed to be interchangeable with all 600mm bolted stringer systems. It is the most economical approach to supply air to cold aisle containment.

Slide dampers are available for all Netline Perforated Panels which allow the adjustment of airflow volume and controlled from the floor surface. These all-steel structures Perforated Panels are available with Anti-Static High-Pressure Laminate, Vinyl and Conductive Vinyl finish.

Panel Features
- Cost effective airflow management solution
- Panel Dimensions: 600mm x 600mm x 35mm
- Interchangeable with Netline Steel Cementitious FS Panel Series
- 17% to 45% Open Area
- Available with top surface adjustable airflow control damper
- Protected against corrosion with epoxy powder coating
- All-steel construction
- Non-combustible
Load Bearing Performance
Netline's all-steel perforated panels are available with a range of load performance characteristics.
Netline All Steel Perforated Panels



Netline standard and high-density airflow panels cater to all Data Centre cooling needs. A full range of airflow panels suitable for both new and retrofit applications that help Data Centre cooling optimisation.

Aluminium Grate Panels

Netline range of aluminium airflow panels

High Density Airflow Management

Aluminium Grate Panels

Netline die-cast aluminium grate high-density airflow panels are suitable for both existing and new Data Centre applications. These high density airflow panels are interchangeable with most bolted stringer systems which make it an ideal and cost effective solution for Data Centre and hot spot cooling. The strong and durable Netline aluminium high-density airflow panels are designed to provide optimal cooling to the servers  with large percentage of open area between 55% to 68%.

Panel features

- HIgh airflow volume
- Die-cast aluminium panel
- Suitable for clean room applications
- Available with 55% to 68% open area
- Conductive epoxy powder coated
- Non-combustible
- Lightweight with high load performance
- Interchangeable with any existing stringered raised floor

Data Centre Cooling Optimization

Netline die-cast aluminium high-density airflow panels.
The most cost effective and ideal solution for your Data Centre that improves overall cooling capacity allowing additional IT equipment without capital investment on infrastructure.

Airflow control products

data centre airflow management

Netline Access Floor


Netline Air Brush Floor Grommet
Netline Access Floor
Air Brush Grommets
Grommets are designed to eliminate bypass airflow, increase capacity, enable higher density and lower energy consumption.
Netline Service Outlet Boxes
Netline Access Floor
Service Outlet Box
Available in single compartment and up to 4 compartments for electrical socket outlets, data and telephone sockets.
Netline Twin Cup Suction Panel Lifter
Netline Access Floor
Panel Lifter
Twin Cup Suction Panel Lifter
Netline Tempered Laminated Clear Glass Floor Panel
Netline Access Floor
Clear Glass Floor Panel
Tempered Laminated Clear Glass Floor Panel
Netline Steel ramp & Steps with non-slip black rubber studded mat finish.
Netline Access Floor
Ramp & Steps
Custom design and fabricated
Netline Custom Stainless Steel Railing / Equipment Stand
Netline Access Floor
Railings and Equipment Stands
Customised Stainless Steel Railings and Metal Equipment Stands


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